Fellowship Opportunities

This group is currently meeting on Zoom.  For login info visit our Facebook Events Page.
The group generally meets the second Sunday of each month at 7 pm. For questions or to be added to the group’s email list, contact Don Brown.

The next meeting will be Sunday, October 10, 2021. 

2021 Book List

April 11 - The Common Good by Robert Reich

May 16 - Beyond Religion, Ethics for a Whole World by the Dalai Lama

June 13 - Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World by Fareed Zakaria

July 11 - Our Undemocratic Constitution: Where the Constitution Goes Wrong by Sanford Levinson

August 8 - Emma Lazarus by Esther Schor

September 12 - The Reactionary Mind by Cory Robin

October 10 - Metropolis: A History of the City, Humankind's Greatest Invention by Ben Wilson

November 14 - Barnum: An American Life by Robert Wilson

December 12 - 2022 Book Selection Meeting



Hard to believe that the summer will soon be winding down and Fall activities will begin. As with the rest of the world, those beginnings will not be the same as other autumns. The stress, uncertainty and anxiety of these times presents its challenges to us individually, as families, as a congregation and as a global community. One of the many ways that you can choose to take care of yourself during these times is to join a Covenant Group at UCH. Covenant Groups are groups of 6-8 adults who make a 9-month commitment to meet monthly for a 2-hour session, led by co-facilitators.

Covenant Groups provide:

  • A place to belong
  • A place for spiritual exploration where each person’s journey is honored
  • A sacred space where the stories of our lives are heard
  • A safe place, strengthening the fabric of our beloved community
  • A place to listen better and care more

Due to the pandemic restrictions, some Covenant Groups meetings may be on Zoom for the 2021-2022 year while other meetings may be in person. For many, this may be an easier way to join without concern for transportation issues or driving in bad weather. For some, the technology may be a challenge, but we can help with simple instructions and encouragement. Anyone with a computer, iPad or smartphone can join from the comfort of their home.

There is still room to join the group on the second Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. or on the second Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. Please contact Bridgette Parker directly to sign-up.

The Covenant Group Ministry Team looks forward to seeing you this fall!



The open forum Zoom sessions are finished for the year. Thanks to all who participated and discussed. Hope to see you in person sometime in 2021-22!

Sunday Forum is an opportunity for members to grow in community, meeting every other Sunday at 2:00 pm for 60-90 minutes. Depending on the number of participants there may be breakout rooms around what people want to discuss; current events, politics, religion, pandemic, science, or maybe even psychology, or sociology. The subjects are up to you. We hope we can explore the spaces between each other's views and gain a deeper understanding of each other.