Unitarian Church of Harrisburg Music Program

My vision of the Music Program at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg is that it nurtures and inspires musicians and congregants alike by the transformative power of music.  Music here will create a sacred space both within the individual human spirit and the collective human community.  It will bind us to each other and to a greater Whole in a loving and enriching way, and open each of us to the Beyondness of existence.  This openness and connection will energize, empower and delight all those who give themselves to the musical experience, informing and enriching both mind and spirit.  Individual and collective.  Vocal and instrumental.  Choral and congregational.  Creating or listening.  All musical involvement at UCH will deepen, heal, and illuminate the soul. -  Ann Hossler, former UCH Director of Music

Guided by this Vision, the music program here at UCH is a warm and welcoming one for all who enter our doors. Each week, the morning services are filled with music – from congregational singing to instrumentalists to vocal ensembles. Music enfolds everyone!

UCH Choir & Bell Choir
UCH Choir & Bell Choir

There are two special choirs here:  a vocal choir and a bell choir. The vocal choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from September through May. Neither auditions nor musical literacy are required.  But a sincere dedication to creating music in harmony with other willing singers is required.  The choir leads the congregation in hymn-singing, as well as presenting an anthem, as well as a vocal prelude, three Sundays per month.

In addition to a vocal choir, UCH has a relatively new bell choir that began rehearsing in March of 2017. This choir meets on Thursday evenings from September to May as well. Once again, there are no auditions, although all ringers are expected to be willing to learn the techniques of bell-ringing and the basics of reading music. 

Many other talents grace this congregation. We have had vocal soloists. We have had instrumentalists on accordion, bagpipe, drum, flute, French horn, guitar, handbell, piano, and trumpet. We have had dancers, both individually and communally. All are celebrated here.

Music can nurture and illuminate the life of the mind and the spirit. Here at UCH, we encourage everyone to be part of the music in any and all ways that feed their souls.