Cottage Meetings Start This Summer (2018)

What: Cottage meetings. Cottage meetings are a structured way for members to talk about our identity, purpose, and future. They will enable us to explore and share our thoughts and feelings regarding the role of UCH in our lives.

Why: UCH is faced with a grave financial crisis. We have been informed that several candidates for our settled minister position would not consider UCH because of our unstable financial status. UCH is at risk of having to sell one or both of our church buildings. We are being called to make some difficult decisions before the end of the year. Thanks to the generosity of many committed members and friends, we have been able to "buy" some time to explore all financial options and to have some important conversations about who we are, what we are here to do and what is important to us.

Who: All members and friends of UCH will be encouraged to sign up to attend a cottage meeting. Cottage meetings will be facilitated by trained members of the Congregational Life Team. Where: In host homes, at both campuses, evening and daytime meetings

When: Mid-August through mid-September

How will these meetings help: The information gathered in the cottage meetings will help all of us to get a better of our sense of identity, purpose and values. It is the goal of the Congregational Life Team to enable the members to have meaningful conversations and to build community during a time of stress and uncertainty. Change is and will be happening at UCH. It is our choice as to how we will navigate and support each other through this time.

Please make your participation in a cottage meeting a priority in your busy life. You can strengthen our UCH community by bringing your voice to these important conversations. Please click here to let us know your availability.