Debbie Reihart


About Me

Joined UCH: 2004

I have been a passionate UCH choir member since shortly after joining and I love delivering our message of love, acceptance, peace and tolerance through music.  I also am an über-zealous member of the UCH garden crew and enjoy bringing beauty through plants at the Clover Lane and Market Street campuses.  I also serve on the UCH Board of Trustees – this year as the Secretary.

I have experience with strategic planning, project management, meeting facilitation, business process reengineering, etc. I have a Bachelor of Science in Social Science from Penn State/Harrisburg; a Master's in Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and have completed some coursework towards a PhD in Public Administration at Penn State as well as numerous other professional development courses.  I am an internationally certified project manager (Project Management Professional).  I have been employed in various positions with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 23 years, currently as a manager with PennDOT.

I live in New Cumberland with my husband, Steve Kostelec. I have two young adult children, my son, Cameron, and my daughter, Hannah.

I would like to see a bigger, stronger and more closely related community (Market Street and Clover Lane) with more financial stability.  Obviously, administrative matters and adequate funding are important, but mission and vision are of vital importance as well and deserve more focus.  Financial security would allow us to focus our attention on more outreach, more “inreach”, adult education and growth, educational trips (to Boston, for example) and other things that would be part of a vital community.  I care deeply about what happens with our church and the people in it and it means a great deal to me that our beloved congregation continue to exist to nurture those who have already found us and those who will find us in the future.  Everyone should feel comfortable and welcome in our two church buildings.  

Debbie Reihart