Laura Edinger


About Me

Joined UCH: 2006

This is my 6th year gratefully serving on the Board of Trustees for the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg.  I am humbled and honored to be serving as Board President in this last year of my second Board term.  My leadership philosophy involves engaging others in an inclusive, positive, affirming, meaningful way. It is empowering and trusting others, lifting them up, to help them develop their skills and talents. I believe great possibility exists with engaged, empowered people working to reach their full potential. UCH has a great deal of potential – my primary leadership goal is to work toward moving us (in whatever capacity I serve in the church), as a church family, in a unified direction forward.  To use a swimming analogy, we have many strong swimmers who have been doggie paddling each in individual lanes for quite some time and maybe not all swimming in the same direction. I would like to see us exercise our full strength and remove the lane markers, put some arrows down that are easy to see, and have us use our combined strength to move forward solidly in a direction toward our collective growth and progress. And I would love to have many more people join us on this team.  Unitarian Universalism has a great deal to offer this sore and hurting world and together we can feed our individual and collective souls so much more effectively.

A little about me personally, I love to laugh - often and loud. I love to sing – I love our church choir and I also sing with the Central Pennsylvania Womyn’s Chorus.  My two favorite ways to serve at UCH are by helping bring music to worship and by serving as a lay liturgist – helping to lead services is both art and science and I enjoy all of it. I have helped to coordinate lay liturgist training for the past couple of years and that work is greatly rewarding.  My paid work is in state government – which is what I went to school for – and I am grateful for the opportunity to be employed in my profession. Thankfully, however, my paid work does not define me. I am very much a work in progress and am grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I am also grateful that I am able to feed my spirit – in ways that are not available in daily work life - at UCH - which is why I serve in a leadership capacity.  A large part of my heart lives with the UCH congregation.

I look forward to our church moving into a brave new direction where we are evolving and growing together – expanding our presence in Central PA and stretching ourselves personally and in community. I would like to see UCH thriving with two fully functional campuses that offer more variety of activity in and out of worship services than we can imagine.

Laura Edinger