Marilyn McHenry


About Me

Joined UCH: 1970

I have a long tenure with UCH. I joined in the 1970s and I also served as treasurer of the congregation in the 1970s. I acted in plays during that time as well.  I taught in Religious Education and was on the RE committee in the 1980s.  I participated in making crafts with the craft group, adopt-a-highway clean-up, and the Community Committee.  I also belonged to the Philosophy and Literature group and a Couch Group.

I was a founding member of UURP (UURetired Persons) since the late 1990s (a group my husband organized).  I have organized receptions for memorial services, participated in Community Breakfasts at the Market Street campus and canvassed for pledge drives. I have also been involved in Fund for Choice of Planned Parenthood and Cansurmount (Cancer Support Group). 

I am the mother of five children, eight grandchildren and I now have great-grands. I was employed from 1978-1998 at Dauphin County Social Service for Children & Youth.  I managed satellite offices of Protective Services and the Foster care program. 

I hope to be supportive of the new minister chosen by the Search Committee, help to articulate the vision for UCH as I actively participate at both campuses at UCH.

Marilyn McHenry