Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Board of Trustees

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David Spear

Joined UCH: February 2007 | Board Term: 2019-2022

UCH has been my spiritual home for more than 10 years. It has helped me grow spiritually and find my path in life.

I served on various teams and committees, starting with the Oliver LaGrone Scholarship Committee. I am a previous chair of the Worship Team. I assisted in the transition of a previous interim minister and served on a ministerial search committee.

These and other involvement prepared me for joining the board. It has been a pleasure to see our congregation find its direction over the last few years, and I greatly look forward to continuing this in the coming years.

I enjoy technology and take every opportunity to tinker with computers, smartphones, and audio equipment.

I worked for several years as an engineer, then an editor, and now I tutor students in math and science.

Guy Dannelley
Vice President

Joined UCH: 1976 and April 2013 | Board Term: 2019-2022

I grew up in Elizabethtown, where I attended the Church of Brethren. In 1976, I discovered UCH and joined. Over the years, I was active in RE, worked on and was chair of the property committee for about 10 years, helped with the pledge campaign, and was an early member of the Philosophy and Literature book group. In the early 1990s, I drifted away from the church and was eventually dropped from membership, although I visited occasionally.

In 2013 I rejoined. It has reinvigorated my life and drawn me back into active service with the congregation.  I rejoined the book group, helped in the nursery and RE, and attend the Mindfulness Meditation group. I assisted with the Gather the Spirit program at the former Market Street Campus. I joined a Covenant Group and served on the search committee for a previous Interim Minister. I was elected to the Board in 2016 and have attended a number of training sessions for board members.

I married my wife Linda in 1968; we have two boys and a girl. 

Lois Voigt

Joined UCH: September 2011 | Board Term: 2021-2024

I have worshiped at UCH for more than a decade since I first sought others with whom I could mourn on a dreary day in early November 2004. While I no longer recall the sermon, I found wonderful consolation in the humor of Barb Hoskin’s playing “The Yellow Rose of Texas” as the postlude and joined in the laughter that slowly permeated the congregation as they realized what she was doing. I have also been struck by the wisdom and depth of sharing in member reflections and summer sermons, and revel in those (largely) Sunday morning moments when sermon, music, story, and fellowship create a very special shared something not found in solitude.

I joined the choir in 2005, and continue to sing in that group. If desperation comes knocking, I occasionally play the piano for services. I’ve served as Treasurer and as the Chair of the Finance Committee, reflecting my career and training. I have worked in senior positions in accounting and finance, primarily in higher education during and after completing a BA in business administration and English, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in higher education administration. I currently serve as the associate treasurer at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster while eagerly anticipating retirement years with fewer meetings and more travel.

I met my current (and only!) wife, Marjy Schubauer-Hartman, at UCH as we crossed paths in the choir, the Common Grounds Café, and a small group of church members who gather for fellowship. We were thrilled to share the joy of our wedding with many from the congregation last fall and to participate in the celebration of life service for a good friend’s husband the very next day.

My personal hope was that we could sustain a vital ministry at both physical locations, but recognize the generosity required to do that must be based in a shared vision. I believe discerning an embraceable vision in a congregation that is wonderfully passionate about many important issues supersedes any physical asset, and is the most important work we can do in the next year.

Patti Hazell

Joined UCH: January 2009 | Board Term: 2020-2023

In addition to becoming a new member to the board in 2017, I also service as the Chair for our Auction Committee, and I am a member of a few lay led ministries: Queen Spirit, Clover Grove, Oliver LaGrone Collective, and Stewardship. I have volunteered a few times with RE by helping in the nursery, helped to organize various events at the church such as the auction, pot luck dinners, Winter Solstice, Pie Day and Samhain Celebrations.

Past volunteer history outside of UCH includes:  Assistant Girl Scout Leader, PTO member in both Elementary and Middle School, WTIF cooking fundraising events, Sunday School Teacher.

I am a native of Harrisburg, was raised Catholic, but became a UU in 2009. I am divorced, raised two children, who currently live with me–they are Jessica who is married to Grant, my grandson, Jack and Ryan, a senior in college; along with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 bearded dragon…  So, it’s a busy household but full of love.

Currently, I also work full time from home as a customer support analyst for Brightree, LLC; software company based out of Atlanta GA.  

In my free time I enjoy crocheting, gardening, walking the dogs, and playing with my grandson, Jack.

I would like UCH to be working joyfully with a settled minister (we now are!). I would like us to have opportunities for all to participate in activities that enrich heart, soul, mind, and community. I would like us to communicate clearly, respect one another, and envision the future with hope. I would like us to have financial security. I want to encourage dialog with the congregation, board, and staff to make the best of all church activities. This will bring more participation, growth, and long-term stability to UCH.

Jessica Chuckalovcak

Joined UCH: January 2009 | Board Term: 2021-2024

I joined the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg in 2009 and have been involved with the church in a myriad of ways since then. I have been a Religious Education leader for all the school ages, served as a Coming of Age mentor and facilitator, as well as a youth group leader and high school OWL facilitator. In between DREs, I was hired to help direct RE on an interim basis. For ten years I served on the Oliver LaGrone Scholarship Committee and have been a Pastoral Care Associate. I also helped with Common Ground Breakfasts and community hours in Allison Hill.

I believe that serving on the Board of Trustees would be a new and exciting way to serve the church. I am thankful for RE leadership during the former transition without a DRE, and now would like to focus on rebuilding a strong religious education program from pre-K through adulthood. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, lifting weights, and playing board games with my family.

Caroline Parke

Joined UCH: December 2004 | Board Term: 2021-2024

The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg has been a beacon of warmth and compassion since my husband and I joined in 2004. He had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It would have been almost impossible for me to survive those years without your support.

My spiritual journey began as the daughter of two Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust (yet who were essentially atheists), marrying and becoming Episcopalian, and raising our two children as Humanists. I am proud of my French heritage, and proud too, for having passed my physical therapy NY state license exam (first time around!) in 1980.

Since joining UCH, l have served on a number of committees including Pastoral Care, the Grounds Committee, and the Auction Committee, and I have sung in the choir.

I am very excited about Rev. David Kohlmeier, our Ministerial Candidate. I look forward to working with him, as well as with all of you, as we move together into a new and exciting future.

Mary Lynn Fecile

Joined UCH: February 2011 | Board Term: 2020-2023

After attending Sunday services at UCH with my husband and sons for 6 months, I knew that we had found our spiritual community. We signed the membership book, making it official in February 2011. I became involved in the RE program early on, teaching at all grade levels, as well as becoming trained and facilitating OWL for multiple levels. Following the unsuccessful call for a settled minister in 2015, during a time when we had no DRE, I joined the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to keep the program operating. Over time, Paul and I participated in more events and programs, and our connections and commitment to UCH grew, even as the church navigated multiple challenges.

Recently, I served as chairperson for the 2017-18 ministerial search committee. I subsequently engaged with UUA staff, our minister at that time, and the Board to forge a new vision and mission for the church. I remain committed to UCH and to being part of its vital, affirming community. I look forward to a future with a new settled minister, growth both in church membership and engagement between the diverse communities within UCH, and continued participation in important social justice initiatives.

Justin Sciamanna

Joined UCH: December 2018 | Board Term: 2020-2022

I’ve been involved with UCH for nearly two years. The first week my wife and I attended service here was the first week that the congregation met to discuss the sale of the Market Street building. We saw in the order of service that all members and guests are invited to attend all church events, so the next week we decided to participate in the meeting and have been involved with the church ever since.

Currently, I am on the Auction Committee and Stewardship Team as well as helping out behind the scenes with other church events when I have the time. This past year, I’ve also helped with maintaining the gardens around the church and with editing the audio of the services prior to the church services being pre-recorded. As a member of the Board, I hope to expand our outreach to the local college communities to help grow the next generation of our congregation. In doing so, I believe this would allow us to expand our music department to include a youth choir while also increasing our annual pledges so that we can continue improving the building and grounds here at Clover Lane.

Ed Sykes

Joined UCH: 1980 | Board Term: 2020-2023

I joined UCH in the early 1980s and began my involvement in the church by serving on both the R.E. and Social Action Committee. During my children’s early years, I taught in the R.E. program. I was honored to serve on a Search Committee and two terms on the Board. I have been the Finance Chair, Stewardship chair, and I have served for over fifteen years on the finance committee. I have assisted with the Auction, Yard sale and Kaleidoscope (a cabaret-style talent show that UCH hosted in the past to raise money for the music program). I am currently serving my third term on the board and the second time as the Treasurer.

I am an employee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I consider myself a religious liberal and a fiscal conservative. I believe that if we as a church intend to do something then we should be committed to finding a means to afford it.

Of all the experiences that I have had associated with this church; I believe the most rewarding has been the renovation of the play structure for our children and youth. I was done in the spirit of generosity and for the safety of our most important members, our children who represent the future of our denomination. I believe that serving as a member of the board should reflect and represent what is best for the entire congregation.