Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Mission and Vision

The congregation voted to approve a vision at the congregational meeting on Sunday, September 22, 2019. The congregation voted overwhelmingly in favor of the statement that had been developed over the past year.


The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg will support and be relevant to people with diverse identities, ideologies, abilities, and backgrounds.

It will be important in the lives of its members as a hub of community engagement, as a place of lifelong spiritual exploration, and as a family of members who care for and are cared for by each other. The church will transform lives within the congregation and among those we serve in the community. We will have built an infrastructure to live these values and to enact our good intentions.

The church will provide both virtual and physical spaces to gather and act.  

These spaces will be a home to the congregation and will be made sacred by the energy that members bring into them.


The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg is an inclusive, loving community of faith committed to welcoming and nurturing all with dignity and respect. We make a difference by encouraging lifelong spiritual exploration, equipping individuals for service, and empowering them to act for justice in the world.