Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Community Building

The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg has several active lay-led groups specific to spiritual practice, education, community building, and social justice. Groups specific to building community are listed here.


CroneSpirit is:

  • A discussion group for women over age 65, both UCH members and non-members;
  • Honoring a crone tradition of conscious female aging and self-power;
  • For personal enrichment, such as through intellect, knowledge, comfort, or companionship, anticipating a maximum of 10 women;
  • Sharing, listening, and learning, without gossip or speaking disrespectfully to or about each other;
  • Discussion topics planned quarterly by those in attendance, group guidelines established and refined by the group at least annually.

We look forward to seeing you. For information, contact Joan Hellman.


QueenSpirit shares in a growing movement of women’s groups springing up around the world as described by author and lecturer Jean Shinoda Bolen in The Millionth Circle. As a lay-led ministry at UCH since 1999, women from the church and larger community have been coming together to explore, nurture, and celebrate their personal and collective spiritual journeys.

QueenSpirit came into being inspired by the course, “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven,” co-facilitated with the Rev. Jackie Ziegler in 1999. This course explored female religious roots, from ancient goddesses to witchcraft to strong women in the biblical tradition. The author, Shirley Ranck, says that it is up to us to relate that story to our own experience as women in the modern world and to use it as a basis for a non-sexist theology.

In addition to offering the “Cakes” course several times since 1999, QueenSpirit has facilitated numerous courses and workshops that provide a strong basis for women’s personal spiritual journeys. These educational events co-facilitated by QueenSpirit sisters include opportunities for creative ritual, music, artwork, dance, meditation, and study.

On the first Wednesday of the month, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, QueenSpirit sisters come together to share a potluck meal and a circle. These circles are formed around an altar with candles, symbols of the four directions and other materials related to the topic to be discussed in circle. Facilitators, who change from month to month, choose their own topic when leading the circle. Jean Shinoda Bolen says of women’s circles, “The invisible center [of the circle] is a source of energy, compassion and wisdom.”

Come, learn, and explore with QueenSpirit and find support among other women for your own spiritual journey. For more information, please contact Rebecca Waldemar.


Women’s Night Out focuses on the friendship and support of its members and giving back to our local community. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at a local restaurant chosen by our committee, alternating locations between the East and West shores. In addition to the very social aspect of our dinners, members contribute, as they are able, to the support of a local charity, the Ecumenical Food Bank.

To join Women’s Night Out and experience the fun and friendship of our group first-hand, as well as provide support to the Ecumenical Food Bank, contact Linda Brown.