Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Neighborhood Beautification


The Adopt-A-Highway group is responsible for two miles of Lindle Road near the church. Cleanups are held in the spring, summer, and fall. The group, which usually has about 10 members, displays and shares the more interesting treasures they find, which have included tools, false teeth, and illegal drugs. After discussing who should keep all the money recovered along the highway, the participants voted to donate all the cash to the church plate.


The Gardens Group involves volunteers who as individuals or in groups care for the approximately 20 cultivated garden areas of the church at our two campuses. This grounds work is an opportunity for a church member to plant roots in our community, literally and figuratively.  Gardening activity generally occurs at the convenience of the individual, i.e., you can work this into your own schedule. Once or twice a year we do schedule cleanup events inviting wider church participation. The church has a supply of gardening equipment available for communal use. We welcome volunteers at any time!  You can also volunteer to serve as backup for one-time tasks, and we will add you to our labor pool. For more information, contact Anita Mentzer.