Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Pastoral Care

The Lay Pastoral Care Associates are a one-on-one ministry whereby members of our church can help other members who need care. A Pastoral Care Associate is a confidential, compassionate, and listening presence. Associates have been trained by the minister and coordinator and meet regularly and receive continuing education in relevant issues. The coordinator for the 2022-2023 church year will be Caroline Parke.

Members of the Pastoral Care Team include: Caroline Parke, Jim Cavenaugh, Nan Cavenaugh, Ray Harris, and Kathy Stewart.


The purpose of pastoral care is to assist UCH members in life changing situations. Naturally, they can only assist if they know that someone needs help. Please contact Pastoral Care for yourself or other UCH members in any of the following life-changing situations:

  • People who are hospitalized;
  • People who are grieving a loss;
  • People who are separated or divorcing;
  • People in need of long term care;
  • People who are terminally ill;
  • People experiencing job loss;
  • People experiencing financial struggle;
  • People facing legal difficulties;
  • People experiencing abuse;
  • People adjusting to life-changing situations; and/or
  • People with a family member in prison.

In person: You may contact the minister or any staff member directly to make a referral.

Voicemail: In addition, we have established a voice mailbox for anyone wishing to leave a confidential, detailed message regarding any life-changing event. Call the church office at 717-564-4761, ext. 707 (Pastoral Care Associates).


UCH members are encouraged to share their concerns and sorrows.

**During this time of distanced worship, you may still wish to share. Submit your joys and/or concerns online by Friday morning to be read during the service on the following Sunday.  

We offer “Joy and Sorrow” cards for those entering the sanctuary, so you can complete one and place it in the basket provided, either before the service or during the meditation. Please include your name, and if you are not a member, your contact information, and tell us whether it may be shared during the service.