Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Religious Exploration

Everyone is welcome to engage with our community in spiritual growth and education. The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg offers religious exploration programming for all ages in addition to lay-led opportunities for growth and learning.


“To awaken the soul, excite and cherish spiritual life”* in guiding and supporting individuals, families, and children on their journey as lifelong Unitarian Universalists.

*Excerpt from The Great End in Religious Instruction by William Ellery Channing, 18th Century Unitarian Minister


We realize our Vision by:

  • Embracing religious exploration to awaken the soul;
  • Building and celebrating beloved community with shared Unitarian Universalist values;
  • Supporting growth through ritual and worship to excite and cherish spiritual life; and
  • Ministering to all individuals, families, and children
  • to Nurture unapologetic U.U.s;
  • to Increase children, youth and family participation on Sundays and beyond through support and opportunities;
  • to Provide inclusivity at all ages (educate and challenge -isms & biases)
  • to Recruit, support and sustain RE volunteers (leaders, helpers and behind-the-scenes)