Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Children’s Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration 2022-23

What paths must we lean into and relearn as we travel together into our complex, challenging and
hoped for future? This is the overarching question this year!

If there are enough participants and volunteers, we would like to offer the following:
Soul Matters for Elementary Children
How can kids explore UU spiritual values? Our programs are based in the eight principles that express our progressive moral values. We help children live out these values in the world.

Crossing Paths for Middle School Youth
Crossing Paths joins the long line of visit-based UU curriculum going back 70 years. Our Soul Matters version honors our previous curricula and adds its own unique components, including an emphasis on theological grounding, a distinct take on religious pluralism (“Many Mountains, Many Paths”) and an abundance of experiential learning and a deep commitment to family-centered activities. Faith Traditions Covered include: Unitarian Universalism, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Christian Evangelicalism (Mega Church), Quakerism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, Humanism

Youth Group
The group meets twice a month and is led by youth and facilitated by adults. It combines the six components of a balanced youth program: Worship, Community Building, Social Action, Learning, Leadership, and Youth-Adult Relations.

More information is available in our Children & Youth RE Newsletter.

RE Registration is now OPEN!

Click here to register

Registration of children and youth ensures that:
 Volunteers have the most up-to-date information on the children and youth in their class.
 Helps our planning and teaching to their fullest potential.  
 Parents/caregivers receive timely information about our program(s).  
 Families receive the first priority to sign up for special programs like Our Whole Lives (OWL),
Coming of Age (CoA) and special events. This can be especially important when programs have
limited enrollment.  
Children and youth information is confidential and only shared with staff and class leaders.

Access the Religious Exploration Calendar here.

The Unitarian Church of Harrisburg offers children’s religious exploration (RE) programming each Sunday morning at Clover Lane.

Please try to arrive about 15 minutes before the service. Greeters in the lobby will welcome you, get name-tags for your family, and ask you to fill out a visitor registration form. Arriving a bit early allows you time to look around; to meet other families, the RE Leaders, and/or the Director of Religious Exploration; and to ask questions. Please include any special needs or allergies on the visitor registration form to best provide a positive experience for your child.

Members and guests should sit where they are most comfortable and move around as needed. Joyful noises and movements are the signs of a living, thriving church. We welcome them!

All ages start together in the sanctuary. Some Sundays, families remain together in the service. Other Sundays, children, youth, and RE Leaders will recess to their RE session downstairs during a song (about 15 minutes into the service.) We encourage you to go with your children to help them find their way and settle in. If you do not arrive early, just go with the rest of the children and leaders, let them know you are new, and they will accompany you to the RE room. Please stay in the session or activity with your child if you would like.
After their third visit, families should complete the UCH RE registration form. This helps our Director of Religious Exploration and RE Committee monitor attendance, communicate with families, and tailor activities for their children & youth.

Nursery Care

Families of babies, toddlers and preschoolers are welcome to:

  • keep their little ones with them in the service
  • take breaks in the lobby and return to worship
  • listen to worship through the speakers in Fuller Chapel (upstairs) or the Potter Room (downstairs)
  • to send their younger children along with nursery care volunteers as RE recesses after the first 15 minutes of worship whichever option (or mix of options) works best for you.

Families are encouraged to take the time to help make their children comfortable and inform the child care providers about any anticipated needs. Two childcare providers from the congregation engage and guide the children. Parents and caregivers are welcome to sit in any time.

Nursery care continues until 11:45, 15 minutes after the worship service, to allow parents and caregivers the chance to fellowship during Coffee Hour.