Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Youth Religious Exploration

Welcome to Magic Summer – ALL GRADES!!

  • Sunday, August 14: Stay Centered w Sharon 
  • Sunday, August 21: Mini Care Packages for the Homeless w Cory 
  • Sunday, August 28: Special Activities w Bridgette

Youth RE begins in September!

Youth Group
The group meets twice a month and is led by youth and facilitated by adults. It combines the six components of a balanced youth program: Worship, Community Building, Social Action, Learning,
Leadership, and Youth-Adult Relations.

RE Registration is now OPEN!

Click here to register

Registration of children and youth ensures that:
 Volunteers have the most up-to-date information on the children and youth in their class.
 Helps our planning and teaching to their fullest potential.  
 Parents/caregivers receive timely information about our program(s).  
 Families receive the first priority to sign up for special programs like Our Whole Lives (OWL),
Coming of Age (CoA) and special events. This can be especially important when programs have
limited enrollment.  
Children and youth information is confidential and only shared with staff and class leaders. For
questions, please reach out to our Director of Religious Exploration, Cory Ness, DRE.

More information is available in our Children & Youth RE Newsletter.

Access the Religious Exploration Calendar here.