Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Gift Card Program

How much do you or your family spend on groceries and gas each month?  $200 – $300 – $500? More?

What if you could make an annual contribution to UCH without spending one cent more than you spend on your monthly grocery bill? It is possible and easier than you think!

Cards are mailed directly to your door. You can sign up for automatic payments or you can mail a check to the church. There is no charge to participate and no commitment–you can opt out at any time. Order cards twice a month, once a month, every other month . . . you set the schedule!

Purchase gift cards for Giant, Weis, or Karns Foods and earn a rebate for the church of 10% (Giant) or 5% (Karns & Weis) on every card you buy. The $500 a month you spend at Giant could mean an annual contribution of $600 to UCH!

How does the program work?

Supporters order gift cards at face value through the coordinator

Coordinator orders gift cards from stores at a discounted price (10% or 5%)

Church makes a profit on the difference to be used to fund programs and operations

50 participants raised $18,000 for UCH this past fiscal year. Let’s get that number up for 2022 !!!   

How much could our church earn each year?

# of ParticipantsAvg. Monthly PurchasesTotal Spent YearlyProfit at 10%

Click here to download the grocery gift card form to get started. Forms can be mailed to the office or emailed.

Questions?? – Email Tavia – Program Coordinator

Thanks for your support!!