Unitarian Church
of Harrisburg

Unitarian Church of Harrisburg Music Program

Music ministry is the process by which we provide spiritual sustenance to our congregants while supporting and uplifting our UU principles, traditions, and sources. This process is at the forefront of thought through each stage of preparation: from musical selection, to rehearsals, and finally into the performance. Emotional responses will be evoked and each person (musicians and congregants alike) will have their own, unique experience allowing nourishment to the soul. 

UCH Choir

Guided by this philosophy, UCH Music Ministry is a warm and welcoming environment open to anyone who would like to be involved!  Our Sunday services are filled with music – from  congregational singing to various ensembles and instrumentalists.

The UCH Bell Choir rehearses on Thursdays from 6-7 pm (mid-August through May).  This ensemble comprises ten dedicated ringers playing a wide array of music utilizing both handbells and hand chimes.  We typically perform the second Sunday of each month and occasionally collaborate with the vocal choir and other handbell ensembles.  We are always excited to have new ringers!  No experience is required, but being able to read music at a basic level is quite useful.

The UCH Vocal Choir rehearses on Thursdays from 7:15-8:45 pm (mid-August through May).  With over 30 vocalists, we are a lively bunch excited about exploring various styles of music – from classical and traditional hymns to pop and rock, and anything in between.  We typically perform twice per month and participate in music-based services.  Whether you sang in choirs your whole life or just sing in the shower, we would love to have you!  This is a non-audition group where we learn about music fundamentals.  We work hard, but have fun in the process. 

RingIn’ is our family and children’s handbell choir for kids ages 5-12.  We perform approximately twice per year with only two rehearsals prior to each performance.  This allows families the flexibility of signing up without a large time commitment.  No experience is required!  We use a color-coded handbell set and ring by color, so kids do not need to have any experience reading music.  We do ask the children’s adult counterparts to be a part of rehearsals to assist as needed.  On occasion, the adult counterparts will perform with the kids!

We are blessed to have so many talented musicians of all ages within our congregation!  Our “resident band” joins in on various selections and services, Song Leaders lead us in congregational singing, and vocalists, instrumentalists, and dancers provide music and art year-round.  In addition, we have a Music Committee assisting with behind the scenes needs throughout the year (a great way for musicians and non-musicians alike to get involved).