Sunday Service – August 14

When we think about anger and rage, most people in this culture inhabit one of two expressions – that of being conflict avoidant; choosing to be polite – to not make waves OR becoming explosively reactive – striking out in ways that can cause harm to self or others. What might happen if we collectively begin to view our anger and outrage through another lens – to find ways to channel that energy for the common good?

Rev. Cindy Terlazzo is a long time UU, serving as an active lay leader for many years before responding to a call to professional ministry. She is currently serving as the quarter time minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Gettysburg. Cindy also supports individuals with Intellectual Disabilities as a social worker. Cindy is delighted to be taking part in this UUs of Central Pa pulpit exchange particularly this year. With so much in the world in flux and transition we need each other more than we may realize.

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