Sunday Service – December 11

As the turning Earth carries us into the deepening darkness of winter, and looming shadows of personal and planetary betrayal plunge our world into an anxious twilight, we pause. In such times, we draw closer, offering our mutual support and affection. In darkening times, we renew our commitment to all love’s forms, affirmed in word and deed (and music) in beloved community and among all living beings.

Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 in the sanctuary. The requirement of masks is based on the current COVID community risk level in Dauphin County. Masks are required for medium or high risk levels; they are optional when the county is in the low risk level. The current level will be posted on the front doors of the church.

You can also livestream the service at or watch via Zoom. The Zoom link for the December 11th service will be emailed Sunday morning. To subscribe to our email list, click on News in the menu bar above.

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