Sunday Service – November 19

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we will be met with a unique opportunity to engage memories of love and challenges within the life of transgender people. Artist and minister, Rev. Jé Exodus Hooper, PhD (they/them) will offer us a choreosermon entitled: Trans-substantiation: A Trans Sacred Communion.

This choreosermon is a performance ritual that holds the tension between the sacred love and the profane violence that impacts Transgender folks. Join us as we usher in a formation of truth, reconciliation and healing for both our community and our transgender community. The ritual is approximately 30 mins with an additional 20 mins of talk-back with Jé.

Content Warning: This performance is for spiritually- and socially-mature audiences, and requires self-care and pastoral attention. During the ritual we ask that folks take care of themselves in ways that are meaningful and healthy– and Jé and other minister(s) are available for further congregational care. This will NOT be a typical UCH service. Children and youth will begin their morning in the classrooms.

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