Sunday Service – October 30

We welcome Rev. Cindy Terlazzo to the pulpit this Sunday for the multigenerational service “Joy as an Act of Resistance – and Revolutionary Love”

Activist Valarie Kaur says: “In the face of horrors visited upon our world daily, in the struggle to protect our loved ones, choosing to let in joy is a revolutionary act. It returns us to everything that is good and beautiful and worth fighting for.” Let us join together this day and make space for joy to arrive.

Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 in the sanctuary. This is a multigenerational service. There will be no Religious Exploration classes. The requirement of masks is based on the current COVID community risk level in Dauphin County. Masks are required for medium or high risk levels; they are optional when the county is in the low risk level. The current level will be posted on the front doors of the church.

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